ISP programmer


is it possible to use the following ISP programmer to burn the bootloader on an atmega with the arduino IDE?

If not, how can you implement it?


Anyone? Please help me.

According to Google... photo can be found in


I hope what works better.


It has the right pin labels to be an ISP.

If you have an Arduino board, this should work...

I have an Arduino, but a friend of mine who hasn't an Arduino board but wants to use the Arduino IDE to program some ATmega328 asked me if it's possible to use his programmer witch is done after the schematic in the link.


Is it enough to make a 10to6 adapter? Or does it need any more modification?

While it certainly looks like an ISP, I do not have the knowledge nor the experience to say for certain that it is or is not. Given the fact that I'm the only person posting a reply, it appears I'm not alone.

I guess you're going to have to answer the question yourself. Either by trying it or by contacting the person who posted the circuit.