Issue and comment on Button Tutorial

Hi. I am reasonably new to this, so making sure I get the basics right.

In I had a couple of comments:

In the image it is pretty hard to see what is going on. You could refer people to which has two very clear diagrams (one is for the wiring board) - this applies to the second (opposite) way of setting things up.

Secondly, the sample code has a little typo in it - the comments say attach a button to pin 7, but the code reads from pin 2...

These are not huge issues, but I feel it is important to make the first few tutorials especially clear so that beginners don't get misconceptions or put off entirely.

I'd be happy to make the changes to the tutorial, but I don;t have the privilidges (even after registering).

Thanks for all the work.


You're right. This is something that will get fixed as we continue to improve the documentation and tutorials.