Issue concerning Xbee Regulated

Hello all, I was looking for a solution to this but couldnt find the exact same issue. i thought ill give it a shot. i also know that maybe this should be posted at Sparkfun forums but i dont have an account there :sweat_smile: i bought a few Sparkfun Xbee regulated boards (those with Xbee sockets and 5V, GND, Din, Dout holes). one of them doesnt work correctly in the following manner: the ON led lights up, Din lights up when sending a serial command to it through cable and Dout doesnt light at all (along with RSSI). meaning that the board receives the voltages as it should but somehow not connected to the (working, tested) Xbee. (outgoing commands pass through the board but are not being sent, and incoming commands may or may not be passing through the xbee but arent transferring to the board itself).

i dont see how i could have ruined it with soldering the breakout pins, and there are no short-circuits done (tested).

is this a solvable issue or is it gone forever? hope some of you could help.