Issue logging on to the Arduino Forum


I'm experiencing a strange issue logging into my account on the Arduino Forum. After I've logged in, I continue to get the "Sign In", rather than my account icon in the top right hand corner of the forum webpage.

It's necessary for me to browse a number of webpages on the Arduino forum before my account icon suddenly appears and I'm able to make replies oncemore.

I'd just like to enquire if there is any particular reason why this is happening? Not sure when it started exactly, perhaps a month or two ago.

It also switches back to "Sign In" everytime I return to the forum's main menu, individual forums themselves and any new posts (that I presume haven't been moderated) that are usually not visible non-members for a short time after posting.

My browser is detecting that the Arduino forum is using third party trackers, which it blocks.

It detects:


There's also, which isn't blocked, but I guess is handled by my browser's ad blocker instead.

Could Arduino's use of trackers on their website be the issue?

You need to enable trustarc and cloudflare at the very least.

Without those you are going to get various errors / glitches.

Hi ballscrewbob,

I enabled trustarc, cloudflare as you suggested, and (throwing caution to the wind) hotjar as well. Although I've still maintained a cookie block on them, everything now seems to functioning OK.

Thanks for you help, much appreciated.

Actually, it does look like I need to enable cookies as well.

That makes sense as they have an SSO and also use that third party.
I dont worry about the cookies to much as I clean out at least twice a day or more... A LOT (for testing purposes).

Hi ballscrewbob,

Unfortunately, I'm still getting intermittent problems accessing the forum, even allowing trackers and cookies. Looks like others on the German forum are experiencing the same issue: Problem bei der Anmeldung im Forum - Deutsch - Arduino Forum.

issue passed along to higher authorities.

Thanks for the heads up.


Thanks Bob.

This might be happening due to disable cookies option, can you please check by enabling cookies. hopefully it will work.


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