Issue sending extended GSM Character using GSM Shield.

I’m attempting to use the GSM shield to send a SMS text message which has a character found in the GSM extended character set. The character I would like to send is a { but to send the character it requires two GSM characters to be sent, one being the which is 0x1B and the other which is 0x28. I’m new to Aruino and programming in general and have done some searching online but all the examples I find cause the SMS to fail to send. Any help or guidance on where to look would be much appreciated.

Thank You

Post your code.

Sorry for not posting this in my original post. The code below is just a snippet of a test I was trying to run to just send the { character only via SMS. Based on my research online the Decimal value for the { character is 27, 40. When I try to send this SMS it never actually sends anything to my Phone which is currently where I'm trying to send it to for testing. Again any help would be appreciated.

Thank You

char brace[] = {(char)27, (char)40};
 sms.beginSMS("Cell Number");

I have tried various methods for print a { in a GSM SMS text message but so far I haven’t had any luck. I’ve tried changing from sms.print to sms.write and sending the hex values in a byte array like below.

byte br[]={0x1B, 0x28};
sms.beginSMS("Mobile Number");

Unfortunately from what I can tell online it isn’t possible to send a array using the Software Serial. Is this correct?

I have also tried sending individual characters via the sms.write and they work correctly it is only when I try to use an extended character that has to use the character first.

Any Help would be appreciated.

Thank you.