Issue using Ardumoto and the servo lib.


does anyone knows about an incompatibility between the usage of the Ardumoto shield (which uses pins 10 11 12 and 13) and the attach() method of the servo lib.

I built a small robot powered by 2 DC motors, and I want now to add further functionality by attaching a servo.

The Hardware (and software) works exactly as expected when I'm either testing the DC motors or the servo, separately.

The problem emerges when I try to make them work together. As soon as I use the attach() method - regardless of the pin - one of the DC motors, always the same....for the lack of a better word....goes into a disable status!

...any ideas? Has anyone ever seen the same issue? Is this a known limitation? Can it be overridden even if it means rewriting part of the servo lib?

BTW - I'm using the Arduino Duemilanove and the Ardumoto shield, as stated before


The Servo library uses a timer. It is the same one that controls the PWM for pins 9 and 10.

Shouldn't I regain control of pin 10 for PWM using the detach() method...being the only limitation the fact that I would not be able to drive both the DC motors and the servo at the same time? ...but this does not seams to be working. Before I try to use PWM on pin 10 I invoke the detach method but nothing changes.... would be most welcome!