Issue using timer TCC3 of microchip SAMD21J in variant file

I am writing variant files for SAMD21J/G/E. I am unable to use TCC3 of SAMD21J/G/E in Variant.cpp for arduino IDE. If it is used Arduino IDE shows error TCC3 undeclared variable whereas, all other timers are working perfectly. Can somebody tell me solution of using TCC3 for PWM/Timer pin. What variant modifications do I need to use it?

Datasheet says most samd21s only have 3 TCCs... (TCC0 through TCC2, presumably.)
(actually, ONLY the ATSAMD21E17D has it? Not even the other ATSAMD21E chips!)

(this from "Table 2-1. SAM D21 E/G/J and SAM D21 EL/GL Product Family Features." Somewhat mysteriously, the pin multiplexing table has many more instances of TCC3.)

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