Issue w/ Mega ADK, Win10 [resolved]

I have finally logged in and had it recognize the plugin, but now it says my MEGA ADK board is connected but it won't download any code to it. After compile, it says that the board is not found. Selected Serial Port 5. Running Win 10 and using Firefox.

Thank you for your feedback! We will try to reproduce your issue and report back in this thread.
It is always really helpful to copy the verbose output and the errors you get.

Does this happens with other boards too?

After uninstalling the Arduino IDE version 1.6.6 and uninstalling the Arduino Create, then reinstalling the Arduino IDE version 1.6.7 setting it up and getting it working (for everything except link for my MRK1000 board does not show up in the boards list)... I then reinstalled Arduino Create plug in and it seems to be working with my MEGA ADK board just fine. I noticed that the MRK1000 was listed in the boards list for Arduino Create and so I tried to use it to download blink but could not get it to connect to the board and download...

Great, thanks for letting us know. MKR1000 is not supported yet, but you are right, it shows up in the board list, we will fix that.