Issue with analog input and servo on Arduino UNO

Hey there,

when the Servo is moving I have an issue with analog input. Wrong signals are submitted.
The servo has the same power source.(digital servo)

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

Many thanks.

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Can't tell anything useful from a Fritzy of a Uno and a resistor. No sensor, no servo, no power supply. No details of any of the components or connections and no code.



Servo: Bluebird Midi-Servo BMS-390 DMH Digital-Servo


Perhaps you've just proved that it's working and the vibration sensor is picking up the vibrations from the moving servo. Trying holding the servo in mid-air and see if the problem goes away.

Otherwise let's see a complete circuit diagram and your code. And details of exactly what results you are seeing when the "Wrong signals are submitted.


If there is a separate power source for the servo, then there is no issue with the signals from the sensor.

Is there any recommendation on how to work with one power supply? Piezo Sensor and Servo are connected via GND. Can this be the reason?

FDemme90: Is there any recommendation on how to work with one power supply?

You didn't mention how the Arduino is powered (USB, external).

In general, a servo shouldn't be powered from the 5volt pin of an Arduino. It could draw more current than USB through the Arduino or the 5volt regulator can provide.

If you HAVE to, then use a >=6volt supply, and connect it to the servo and V-in of the Arduino. You could try running the A/D on 3.3volt or 1.1volt Aref if the 5volt supply still dips from the servo current. Post your code if you want help with that. Read the forum rules first. Leo..