Issue with Arducam ov5642 module


I am testing my Newly bought Arducam OV5642 module with NodeMac ESP12. I am not getting the picture file, but can read the comment in serial monitor that camera has taken the picture. Here is my code and output value.

I got the code from here: “GitHub - dmainmon/ArduCAM-mini-ESP8266-12E-Camera-Server: Source code designed to work with an ESP8266-12E and an ArduCAM Mini 2MP Camera.”, it is mainly for ov2640 but I have changed the code accordingly.

Also tried to test with my old Arduino uno board, but getting Error: “SPI Interface ERROR!”, since the board was old I thought might be some issue with my uno board, so tried with NodeMcu board.

I have attached the output images & “.ino” file of my code since it was too big to be accepted.

Please suggest me, what else need to be changed.

Any help is appreciated.




ArduCam_ESP8266_FileCapture.ino (22.4 KB)