Issue with digital pin34 on Arduino Mega 2560...

I am using an Arduino Mega 2560 R3 board to control several motors (controlled by h-bridges). All of the motors are working fine, except the one that is connected to digital pin 34 (this controls motor forward direction). Digital pin33 controls the reverse direction for the same motor.

When I set digital pin 34 HIGH the motor doesn't move, so i tried applying 5v to the pin directly (using a jumper wire). If I put a jumper wire between the Arduino 5V pin and digital pin 33 the motor spins in reverse. When I connect a jumper from 5v to digital pin 34 the Arduino resets. I have both pins setup as OUTPUTs, so I am not sure what is going wrong. Does digital pin 34 have some other special function that might be causing this?

Hi, were you able to resolve this issue. I am seeing the same problem where Pin34 is staying HIGH. I can switch the input to other pins but I want to figure out what's going on. Thanks.

In the post from March it sounds like the pin was damaged and shorted to ground.

I don't have enough information to guess at the new post's issue.

I doubt it's an endemic problem with that pin. Instead this is probably just a coincidence.