Issue with drivers on Arduino Ethernet

Hey guys. I just recently got the Arduino Ethernet with the Serial-to-USB unit. The unit itself powers up just fine, and I can connect it to the computer through USB, and it detects the unit as "Arduino Serial-to-USB" So everything there is fine. Then, I go to install the drivers, much as the guide says. From there, it only goes downhill. I've tried every single driver in the drivers directory and the FTDI subdirectory. None of them work; it just says something to the effect of "This driver has no information on your device." So, I go to download directly from the FTDI website, just like it says on the guide. Same old story. Under Device Manager, it shows up as "Other Devices," but still is detected as "Arduino Serial-to-USB". Then, I try the ethernet connection. Now, it's trying to make the Arduino into a LAN. Honestly, I have no idea why it is doing this. By the way, I'm running XP SP3. Thanks.

Neither Arduino nor FTDI has react to this issue yet, but I found a solution

The problem: not any available drivers recognize the latest USB to serial module with identification number VID_2341&PID_003B

Even if you tweak the VID and PID of the FTDI drivers they still don't work

Luckily the Arduino-Ethernet+FTDI is made exactly the same way than arduino UNO, and the UNO driver works, with a little change:

Edit "Arduino UNO.inf" file and change VID and PID to VID_2341&PID_003B

Install this drivers and the virtual serial port will appear

In fact the new USB to seial module no longer uses FTDI chip, not surprising that the FTDI driver does not work

Version 1.0 of the IDE has just been release and it still do not include the drivers for USB to Serial Light Adapter with ATmega8U2 chip but the driver is available on the Arduino Hardware section. It has the same MD5 hash than the file obtained with my previous method