Issue with google app scripts

I am using Arduino IoT to send a GET http request to a google app scripts(which is linked to a google sheet but not the issue here). I used this code numourus times with no issues, but now I don't see any exestuations going on the script meaning no request is arriving. This is the http request code on arduino side:

 int httpRequest() {
  static WiFiClient client;
  static const char WEBSITE[] = "";

  String url = "/macros/s/" + GAS_ID + "/exec?deviceID=" + (String) deviceID
       + "&smA="      + (String) sm[0]
       + "&smB="      + (String) sm[1]
       + "&smC="      + (String) sm[2]
       + "&smD="      + (String) sm[3]
       + "&smE="      + (String) sm[4]
       + "&smF="      + (String) sm[5]
       + "&smG="      + (String) sm[6]
       + "&smH="      + (String) sm[7]
       + "&smI="      + (String) sm[8]
       + "&smJ="      + (String) sm[9]
       + "&smK="      + (String) sm[10]
       + "&smL="      + (String) sm[11]
       + "&smM="      + (String) sm[12]
       + "&smN="      + (String) sm[13]
       + "&smO="      + (String) sm[14]
       + "&smP="      + (String) sm[15];

  if (client.connect(WEBSITE, 443)) {
      client.print(String("GET ") + url);
      client.println(" HTTP/1.1"); 
      client.print("Host: ");
      client.println("User-Agent: ArduinoWiFi/1.1");
      client.println("Connection: close");
    Serial.println("Sent data");
    lastConnectionTime = millis();
    return 1;
  } else {
    Serial.println("failed to connect to http");
    return 0;

I double checked that the GAS id is correct, I suspect it is some kind of a permission issue but I allowed all users even anonymous to access and edit the script(did it in the first web app publish) Did something change in GAS protocol or I have a mistake here?
I tried also using the same with pushingBox website which there I can see it arriving from arduino side, but still nothing appears in the GAS.