Issue with mouse functions in linux


I am having an issue with mouse.moveto and in Linux, I read the documentation in and made the changes to the file as it was said by the guy who wrote the Move to function but the fix disables the click function.

So the issue is that I can either move the mouse or click with the mouse I can't do both. Has anyone had this issue and was successful in fixing it ?

using: Teensy 3.2 ubuntu 16.04 LTS Arduino 1.8.2 Thank you

You need to post your program.

Is this a problem that is specific to the Teensy?


this is the test app I am working on, it is not supposed to do anything important just making sure I can right,left-click and move the mouse in Linux

mouse_linux.ino (800 Bytes)

When I look up in the reference pages there does not seem to be any requirement for #include <Mouse.h>


when I include Mouse.h it tells me:

fatal error: HID.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated

I looked at Ardunio rep in github and there should not be any HID.h in Mouse folder

You need to ask this on the Teensy forums.