Issue with power supply for soldered project

Hi everyone, I was hoping I could have some help as I very stuck. So I had my project working on a solderless breadboard, and the circuit was just controlling a mini 12v air pump with an atmega328p.
However I have just soldered everything to a permanent board and now when I plug it nothing works and makes my plug make a hissing noise, and the LED from the plug turns off (when it is normally on all the time it is plugged in).
Below I have attached the schematic for the circuit.

I havent included the code, because it isnt really necessary plus it just turns the pump on and off with intervals if 2 seconds in between.

Any help with this would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

You have a short somewhere. Examine your wiring for solder bridges and shorts.

Post clear photos of your project. Maybe a few more sets of eyes can spot what you are missing.

I thought that but i couldnt see any

Post clear photos of your project. Maybe a few more sets of eyes can spot what you are missing.

Use your DMM to check for shorts.

I dont actually have a good DMM just an openscopeMZ that has oscilloscope channels.

Thank you for your help.

You have a BLACK wire going to +ve?

yer forgot to mention that I just accidently put the colours on the wrong way around

You should get out a multimeter and poke around for shorts. What you miss with your eye, a resistance of 0 ohm you will definitely catch. Check any lines that are in any physical proximity.

You have probably did this already, but make sure you have triple checked the wiring, I have from time to time put a wire or something in the wrong place on the soldered version, have also missed soldering a connection sometimes.

Do you still have the breadboard you can check against? I always keep the prototype set-up until the soldered version is running.

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