Issue with QT + Arduino Leonardo

Hello All,

Problem: Issue with communication using Arduino Leonardo and Qt

Description: I have a program in Qt which communicate and send serial data to my Leonardo and prints the response. My issue is that i when i upload the program to leonardo and try sending the data, using my qt program the value is being sent to my leonardo but i don't get any response. For that i have to open the serial the monitor of arduino ide and send the data. After that my program is able to communicate with the arduino. Also when i remove the Unplug leonardo from my pc and connect again the same issue occurs and i have to repeat the above mentioned process to initiate the communication.

At first i thought it was qt program related issue because i was able to send the data using python and serial monitor software.But when i tried to run the same program using arduino UNO i did not get issues and the program works fine.

I tried some of the approach mentioned in the forum to delay sending the data once we open the port but was of no use for me.

Got the stuffs working:

When leonardo is disconnected and reconnected always close and reopen the port once the program gets loaded. And also flow has to set as HardwareFlowControl only.

Please Note: The above steps been observed while communicating arduino leonardo with Qt