ISSUE with USING WINUSB Driver & Arduino AS USB &LUFA/ CATERINA boatloader

Project Goal: Create a custom USBDevice.

Name of device : "CapiaZ"

Board used: Arduino MICRO

summary: I was able to modify the Caterina boatloader for my CapiaZ board, to have a specific VID & PID for it. and when you plug it to the pc the ARDUINO IDE will show the port and the name "CAPIAZ".

Then I used WINUSB.sys and WINUSB.inf to generate the driver. Successfully, I am able to install the driver and Device manager shows it as follwoing -which is the goal so far-:

+CapiaZ Device CapiaZ-S01 Also I wrote my C++ library that communicate with CapiaZ using WINUSB.lip and SETAPI.lib. Using read endpoints bulk in and bulk out to read and write from it. I use WinUsb_WritePipe and WinUsb_ReadPipe,. I write data to the Capia and read data from the Capia no problems.

The issue, when I unplug (soft or hard) the Capia then plug it back, and try to run my C++ application, the C++ application will connect and write to it but I'm not able to read data from it. any suggestions what could be the issue ? thanks

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