issues connecting, inconsistent results

I’m having several issues connecting to and uploading to my UP2 via create.

First off, while new to Create, I’ve been using the Arduino IDE and Arduino boards successfully for several years. I’ve found Create to work fine when interfacing with Arduino boards, but using it to connect to UP2 has lead to a number of headaches.

Background: the target system is an UP2 running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, specifically the version bundled with the Grove IoT package ( that is available through Digikey and Mouser. I’ve also invested time looking at documentation, browsing online for posts on the issue, and Arduino forums to search for clues to address the problem, but no love.

issue 1) I’ve had SOME success (see issue 2) connecting, uploading and running code on the UP through the IoT cloud option. Also, I can connect to the UP directly via a com port, as is the usual way for Arduino boards. When connected this way uploading has never worked for me. Usually it starts and never finishes without error or warning messages. For the first time yesterday I noticed that after several minutes the connection to the UP dropped, see attachment. Using the MS task manager, I determined that the Arduino Create Bridge is running.

issue 2) The option to connect to the UP2 via the cloud is frequently not an option in the board selection drop down menu. I’ve yet to notice a pattern as to what influences this situation.

Any constructive offers of insights on what is going on, or suggestions on fixes will be appreciated.


dropped com.PNG

A few easy things to try.

Disable antivirus or other additional security to test.
If you get good consistent results add your Arduino locations to your exclusions / whitelist.

Use USB 2.0 ports as some USB chip-sets have caused intermittent connection issues and ensure the USB 2.0 port is using a proper USB 2.0 driver as MS released some updates in that area that may add to some issues.
Quicker and easier fix is use a USB 2.0 HUB if you only have USB 3.0 ports as it does seem to have fixed issues for quite a few people.

Ensure power savings are NOT enabled for USB devices.
Again a pretty common cause of USB issues.

It is not uncommon for the CREATE agent to occasionally drop out but seem to remain on the task bar.
Quite rare with no apparent cause but usually clicking on it will either make it drop from the taskbar and you can then re-start it or Kill it and restart it anyway.

Always worth clearing a browsers cache and re-starting a session as possibly a first step.
I use the free version of CCLEANER to do this as one of the many testers for Arduino with good results.

Watch out for online refreshes as sometimes browsers can refresh themselves and drop vital parts of connections. Probably browser dependant and not always an issue.

Browser add ins...This has also been seen to cause issues so it may be worth checking using the incognito 9or similar) options offered by many browsers.

Network issues (ISP dependant) Ensure you have a free flow of traffic on the required ports.
Educational or work networks are a common issue with traffic issues and you would need to contact your IT department for that.

here is the hope that one of those may help.