Issues connecting Leonardo with NRF24L01+

Hello guys,
I'm facing issues interfacing NRF24L01+ with Leonardo.
And yes I am a newbie when it comes to complex interfacing and stuff, so I highly need help from you experts.

I'm basically trying to do my own wireless mouse using Leonardo and the NRF...Transceiver.
My idea is that to have a Leonardo connected to transceiver which in turn is connected to my PC and another set of the same, ofcourse, with a ProMicro and the another same transceiver to which accelerometer adxl335 is interfaced.

To be clear;
Set 1 - Arduino Leonardo + NRF transceiver ---> PC
Set 2 - Arduino pro Micro + NRF transceiver + ADXL335 + 2 reset buttons as left and right mouse buttons ---> to be mounted on a handglove.
Idea : To move mouse pointer by moving hand in the air with the help of ADXL and transmitting the position to the other receiver end connected to PC.

After referring to various resources, I understood the working of ADXL335 thoroughly but I never understood the coding of NRF transceiver using RF24 library by maniacbug's tutorial or the one using Mirf library.
I wish to use one of the transceivers ( the one in the hand as transmitter and the other as the receiver ).

So, if anyone could assist me with coding of the whole project of mine along with the basic explanation to each coding set of NRF, I would be highly grateful to you guys.

Thanks in Advance !