issues controlling 17hs19

Hi !

I'm trying to control speed and direction of my stepper motor 17HS19 with this tutorial.

Everything works fine until I plug the motor. When the motor is plugged it does not rotate but makes noise. And when pushing the buttons it seems to reset the program.

I'm wondering if my motor has a problem.

I use a 12v 2amp power supply and L298 and elegoo uno R3.

I'm a newbie with arduino but i read a lot about programming and stepper motors. Now i'm stuck.

What i want to do is to control the motor with a potentiometer (direction and speed) and display the direction and speed on a display.
Somebody has a clue ?

Thank you !

[ Rule 1 with motor drivers: Never hot-plug or unplug a motor. Not clear if that's what you're doing though, but it will destroy the driver ]

If your stepper is low impedance you cannot drive it with an L298 at all - not going to work, you'll
only burn it out.

You need a stepper driver for modern steppers (which are usually low-impedance). For instance DRV8825
module will drive NEMA17 motors upto about 1.5--1.7A.

"17HS19" is not a datasheet for a motor - its a frame size(*) from a particular manufacturer, they
come with different winding options typically, so I have no idea what actual motor you have, the
full model number is needed for that, although most search results suggest a 1.4 ohm, 2A, 3mH
motor, which is a bit too much current for a DRV8825 - you might be able to set it to 1.7A though
and put up with a bit less torque.

(*) It likely means: 17 = NEMA 17 (1.7 inch), HS = Hybrid Stepper, 19 = 1.9inch stack height.
Most motor frame designations include dimension information like this, sometimes in 1/10 of
an inch, sometimes in mm.


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