Issues facing while connecting Ethernet shield for Arduino mega

Dear All

i have connected ethernet shield with arduino mega and there some issues i am facing which is mentioned below

  1. many times communication has disconnected
  2. unable to communicate on multiple hercules software and other TCP IP commnication
  3. every time i need to restart to connect on TCP IP
  4. it is showing connecting only on hercules TCP IP, during connecting second time

Request you to please provide solution to resolve this issue

Thanks in advance

if you have SD card inserted, remove it or initialize it with the library or at least set the CS of the SD card, pin 4 HIGH .

don't use pins 50, 51 and 52, because they are used by the shield over the ICSP header. pin 53 can be used only as OUTPUT, because it is SPI slave select pin and the Mega can't be SPI master for the shield if this pin is INPUT