Issues getting program to run.

Hi I’m also having similar problems with the same error messages as the OP, but i think this is more of an issue with the community 8266 driver v 2.6.2 and higher than it is with code. I’ve been working on a number of applications, all working fine up util I updated to 2.6.3. I’ve traced back and 2.6.2 also failes. the last time I saw this working without issue was in 2.6.1 which I have now reverted back to.

My code has become quitearge, so to simplify things I’ve reduced it down to the attached ino and accompanying .h include file holding the web page. I think the key issues are when the webpage is held in PROGMEM as websies all held within the .ino seem to work fine.

Unfortunately I’m pretty new to the 8266 so am feeling about myself, but checking the attached code against 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 & 2.6.3 shows a distinct difference in handling (2.6.1, the other 2 just restart endlessly)

HTMLbasic_externalPage.ino (1.77 KB)

webpage.h (115 Bytes)


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