Issues keeping HC-05 connected to Android


I am working on a science project that requires me to use the HC-05 Bluetooth module along with my Arduino uno. I have managed to get it working but I can't keep it connected to my Android for any longer than a couple of minutes. I am also using an app that I made to communicate with the Arduino. Is there a way to keep it connected to the Android? I am using a different Android device than my actual phone so I don't have any problems keeping the phone powered on and the app running.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,

The connection should last for ever. The only things that can stop it at the Arduino end are bad wiring or inadequate power. At the Android end, it can really only be a bad app, as a power problem would be self-evident.

For starters, I imagine you can test Arduino by having it print millis as part of the output. You can test Android by using a programme that is known to be reliable, like blue tooth terminal.

Thanks nick.

I checked the source code of my app and I found out that it was automatically timing out the connection. I managed to prevent that easily. Turns out the library automatically times it out and you have to manually disable it doing that.
Thanks again for replying.