issues sending and receiving on I2C


I need help. I am building an irrigation system and have a sensor/valve node that sends several measurements to a RFM GW that sends it to Ethernet GW and that sends to Openhab. Based on the measurements, Openhab calculates and sends command to turn on or off the valve. The command is sent from OpenHab → Ethernet GW → RFM GW → Sensor/Valve Node.

My problem is that I need to send and receive date from RFM GW and Ethernet GW using I2C. The Ethernet GW has no issues on sending and receive but the RFM GW cannot receive from EtherGW. Can only receive from Sensor/VAlve node.

Do you know why? Can you help?

See my files and hope you can support me.


Gateway_RFM_-_including_Irrigation_System_PA10.ino (7.67 KB)

Gateway_Ethernet_-for_Irrigation_Sysmte-_PA5.ino|attachment (9.34 KB)