Issues uploading codes

I keep receiving error messages when trying to upload a code.

I have put the verbose output on but have no idea what the data means.

I can't put the whole error message here because there is too many characters.

Can someone instruct me on which section of the error message they would like to see and i will post it up.

Thanks heaps.

Please attach the full error message as a text file. Please use the "Copy error message" button to copy the error message because it adds some additional useful information. If you click the "Reply" or "Preview" buttons you will see an "Attachments and other options" link appear.

I attached it.

Thanks for help

errormsg.txt (19.2 KB)

There is a bug in Arduino IDE 1.6.10(and possibly Arduino AVR Boards 1.6.12 used with any IDE version) that can cause that issue when you start the IDE by opening a sketch(.ino) file(by double clicking on it, etc.). Please try this:

  • Close all Arduino IDE windows
  • Start the Arduino IDE, not by opening a sketch file.
  • Open the sketch file via File > Open, File > Sketchbook, or File > Examples

The last opened sketch will automatically load when you open the Arduino IDE, that one should also work fine.