Issues uploading TH3D to Ender 3 pro

I am having issues uploading the unified package to my Ender 3 pro with 1.1.4 board. I have a creality branded BLTouch on the machine and am using the “burner” that came with it as my boot loader. It worked to install the BL touch marlin firmware, but I am NOT sure it’s up to this task. I get the following error message when I try to upload:

Could not find boards.txt in c:\users\weeroDesktop\3d files\th3d\th3duf_r2\windows arduino\hardware\sanguino\bootloaders. Is it pre 1.5?

I get the same message with variants instead of bootloaders. Any input? Do i need an undo? Thanks

Hi @nooch13. During the update from Arduino IDE 1.0.x to 1.5.x many years ago, there was a change in the folder structure required for Arduino Boards Platform such as that "sanguino" you're attempting to use.

So this either means you're using an extremely outdated version of sanguino or else that you have installed it incorrectly.

If the former, you'll need to either use the updated version. Installation instructions are here:

Or else use the antiquated Arduino IDE 1.0.6, which is available for download here:

If the latter, then try installing it again, carefully following the documentation provided by the author.

Thank you for the reply sir. I ended up finding my own successful resolution just now.

-I used the arduino software to make all the custom changes I wanted to make.
-I then clicked sketch/export compiled binary.
-next I clicked sketch/show sketch folder
-in the search box, I typed in hex to locate the 2 hex files
-I copied the hex file I wanted to an easily accessible desktop folder
-I used the crappy progisp.exe program and burner that came with the BL Touch and uploaded the TH3D firmware successfully

She is up, running and printing very well as we speak. I hope this can help someone else down the road!

I'm glad to hear you go it working. Thanks for taking the time to share your findings.

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