issues with Arduino Smart Car Robot

So I have this school project where I need to program Smart Car Robot which uses the Arduino Uno to function, I have watched tutorials on how to upload sketches and turn them into applicable codes to the so the computer and the robot can read. my issue might be actually rather silly but since I am new to robotics and coding in general I have no idea on how to deal with the issue. so when I'm finished uploading the codes to the chip and I unplug it and turn it on it wont move, I've tried changing the batteries and I've double checked to make sure all the cables and pins are in the right place. any suggestions are highly appreciated.

Has the thing ever moved? Is there a standard or example program you can load that does make it move?

Please provide a link to details of the "Smart Car Robot" including the information that tells you that "all the cables and pins are in the right place". And then post the code that you have been uploading to the Uno.

Without that information, your problem description of "it won't move" could be caused by absolutely anything.