Issues with communications, display

Hi all,

I've been implementing an information cluster for a classic vehicle we are restoring, and although i've solved most technical issues i am now running into a communications/display issue.

The system currently consists of three boards:

  1. An Arduino DUE that is measuring a series of interrupts and calculating on board physical measurements associated with those interrupts. Namely speed, mileage, fuel consumption and RPMs.
  2. An Arduino Mega that is receiving a numbner of analog signals: 4 temperatures (ambient, cabin, engine, exhaust), tilt angles and bearing
  3. An Arduino UNO with a TFT and LCD Shield (namely the arLCD).

The UNO "polls" the DUE and the Mega every 200 ms and receives the variables from each. Then it displays them on the TFT. There are 5 screens on the TFT which are selectable with a button press:

  • Environmental (temperatyres and altitude)
  • Current performance (MPH, RPM, instantaneous fuel consumption)
  • Average performance (average MPH, average MPG, trip odometer, timer)
  • Off-road (Tilt angles, altitude, heading)
  • Set-up (Units, reset values, etc)

I have two issues:

  1. It takes forever to redraw all the digital displays on the LCD after a menu switch. It just does not look professional. It's like watching a commodore 64 redraw a screen!!
  2. the byte-by-byte serial transfer between the DUE/Mega and the UNO is painful. I can only transfer byte variables which really limit getting some data over. I tried Nick Gannon's transfer anything library but could not get it to work.


  1. Does anyone have a better suggestion on display? Is there a display with on-bopard memory that would store the screens and redraw faster upon screen selections? Should I think of replacing the UNO with a Raspberry or a Beaglebone so I can use their HDMI display?
  2. Any suggestions on how to get data in a less cumbersome way between boards?

Soprry if the questions seem very basic. I am still basically a newby. Thanks!!!

No one?? Any help is appreciated!!

Well, I use an LCD screen for most projects.
You can get one that is 20x4 which still isn't too big.
I've never had a speed problem with it displaying new information.
Also, I've never tried a TFT display.