Issues with flashing SM130 RFID

Hi all,

I have an SM130 working with an Uno in UART mode and now I want to switch to i2c. I've been trying to flash the module using the sonmicro software tools using instructions found in multiple places, seems very straightforward but it isn't working for me. When I run the flash tool I get a "Timeout.No Response" error. The TX light on the FTDI board lights when I send the command so the COM port is correct. I am using the default 19200 bps, which is working in UART mode, so I think that is correct also.

To flash the ROM, I have a SFE FTDI Basic 5v breakout board connected to the USB port on the computer (win 7 x64). I have the following wires connected:

| SM130 Pin | FTDI | | - | - | | 1 & 28 | Power | | 14 | Ground | | 11 | RX1 | | 12 | TX0 |

It seems many people have flashed this correctly so it must be something silly I have wrong. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could try?


Having the same issue - don't suppose that you found a solution to this problem ?

I conected more groun pins. Like here If you follow this instructions you should be able to write new firmware