Issues with Micro.

Hi there.

I've been running a bit of test code with an Arduino Micro. The first problem I had was Windows wouldn't see it while there was a Leonardo device also connected and running. With that solved, taking out the Leonado, I could then talk correctly to the Micro.

So it's now running code and sending serial data to the plotter which is correct. I now need to get this running as a controller.

All the help on this topic seems to be old, or non applicable. I've followed instructions for manually installing the drivers, but no matter what download I select Windows tells me the latest driver is installed.

My Micro is there in Device Manager on a Com port, which is great, but I want it setup as a Game Controller.

Do I need another driver for this? If so could someone point me at it? If not could someone please let me know what I'm missing?

I have in the past bought a button box from ebay which plugged in and worked without any fuss at all, so how did that work and this doesn't? What am I missing?


Is the Micro a USB host?

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