Issues With Ports on Arduino Editor

I have an Arduino UNO, and I'm having trouble uploading from my browser to the USB port. I installed the Windows Plugin(I have Windows 7), and I am not aware of how to move forward. I looked at some tutorials, but there is nothing that really helps me with the situation. I went back to the Editor and there still is nothing coming up, I've checked the serial monitor, and there is still nothing.

Any help?

Please describe exactly what the problem you're having is, including the full text of any error messages you might be encountering.

I was just having the same issue with my setup, which is an older Dell laptop running Ubuntu. The fix was to re-download the IDE drivers just like starting all over again. That fixed my problem. Hope this helps fix yours too

The drivers for the plugin are at least under windows self updating including CLONE drivers for the CH340 based boards and should not need to be downloaded.
Windows will normally offer those drivers during the plugin install.

However if the board is a CLONE then you have to both select the board and the port manually.
Simply check which port it uses in DEVICE MANAGER and use that as the port for manual selection in the IDE.

Click the small down arrow where the board is listed and from the drop down menu there should be a "CHANGE" option listed for the default board.

For MEGA's even if it is not a clone you may also have to manually select to ensure the correct MCU type is also selected.