issues with Screw Terminal Block: 2-Pin, 3.5 mm Pitch

Hello, I'm building a little machine and i want it to look nice and clean when finished(i don't want wires dangling every which way). I'm trying to hook the power terminal on the board to a 9volt wall plug power supply but im not exactly sure how to connect the two. Any help would be appreciated, I'm pretty new to this stuff.

This is the power terminal

and im trying to hook it up to something like this, how might i go about this while making it look good? (as exact as possible would be most helpful)


I'd say either use a matching socket on the PCB (forget screw terminals), or use the terminal blocks and strip back the wires from the PSU and crimp/solder on colour-coded spade-terminals to each wire. The latter is acceptable for more permanent installations inside an enclosure. You'll have to find spade terminals that fit the terminal blocks.