Issues with the stepping motor while applying the external power

Hello Everyone, as a part of my project, I am using a stepper motor as a Z-stage controller, while the connections are verified and correct (as the motor was previously working at least moving). Currently, the motor is not working, in fact not even moving, I hope it is not an issue with the motor as it will consume more time for me, the other motors are working with the same power source (basically multiple motors are connected to the same power source). While all the motors are working, the z-one is not. Can anyone please suggest to me what I should do and what steps I should take.
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Without details about the motor, motor driver, power supply, wiring and coding, I don't see how we can help you.

Read the forum guidelines.

The motor is a stepping motor 42H4809 and the connections are done using the Arduino and the stepping motor driver. The power source is a voltage source 5V separately connected to the driver and the pins from there connected to the Arduino and the motor. the connections are- Power source-driver-Arduino- motors. All motors except z are not working, I have verified the wiring connections and they seem fine. The motor is fine as well but still not rotating the way we want, can anyone please suggest anything. It is the z-axis so HIGH means it goes down and vice versa. The driver is Microstep Driver- ST6600 for all the motors and the power source is a 151-230V external voltage source.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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Its polite and useful to give links to datasheets and product pages - if you make us search for part numbers we might come across the wrong page, or go through many pages figuring out what you actually have - you could unambigiuously tell us up front by providing links are asked for in the how-to-post threads...

Circuit please, code please, you haven't provided these, and datasheet or product page link for the power supply....

You have verified all the wiring, but have you verified all the voltages? The Z-axis is high.... but have you measured HIGH at the controller?

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