Issues with windows 10 installing Arduino Uno drivers

Hi guys,

I got my Arduino Uno from my university and it has been working perfectly fine up at the campus. Now however I have tried to use the IDE software at home on windows 10 and the drivers do not seem to install leaving me with a in device manager. When opening the IDE the ports is greyed out.

I have tried installing the drivers manually using the arduino and updated CDM drivers. That sometimes shows the device in the com port on the IDE software but does not show any activity on the board or on the software. The L led and the ON led just stay lit with no blinking

I tried the loop back troubleshoot and that does not work either. It gives me the following error:
Error while setting serial port parameters: 9,600 N 8 1

Any help would be appreciated, need to get this working to keep up with uni class.

Is it the same board, or are you using a clone at home? Many of the clones use a different serial chip, the CH340G - check the markings on the black chip near the USB port. That requires different driver - you can find it easily on google.

It is the same board, I bought it so I was free to use at home as well. I just looked at the chip and see that it is in fact the CH340G. I am guessing that I have a clone?

Drivers installed and reconnected up the arduino. It connected to through com port no problem. Cheers for that! Uni could have at least told me that it was a clone to begin with and saved me 2 hours of hair pulling