Issues with Xtreambee board

Hello folks!

I'm having a little issue with an XtreamBee board (i.e., that from I don't know how much widespread this board is, but I needed something different from the classical Xbee Shield since my Arduino also has to provide LAN connectivity with the Ethernet shield.
Problem is, the board transmits with no issues but it receives utterly nothing. My testbed is a simple application between two Arduino One, the first using the XtreamBee board and the second using the Xbee Shield. The first sends a message, the second replies and the first acknowledges the reply. Apparently the first does not receive anything. The test works fine if I replace the XtreamBee board with another Xbee Shield. Both transceivers are regular Xbee S2.

Please also note that the XtreamBee works fine when attaching it to a Sparkfun FTDI adapter and reading/writing the Xbee function set via USB with X-CTU.

I'm using the board in Master mode, while it seems that in Slave mode it does not even transmit. I do not understand what the Slave mode would do, I'm just dumping all the info I gathered. If there is anything else of importance to provide you, please do not hesitate asking me.

So, anyone having a clue as to the problem? Or at least some way to identify its source?

Infinitely thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi Luca

If your using the 2.4Ghz Series 2 Xbee modules (p/n XBP24-B???-004) then these wont work on the DIYDrones XtreameBee Board. The Series 1 XBee modules (p/n XBP24-A??-001) work fine. The cheapest solution is to get the Sparkfun Regulated Explorer Board, or XBee Sheild, Both Series 1 and Series 2 Modules work with both of these.

Best Regards