Ist Pinguino noch aktuell?

Hallo !
Ich habe Platinen "PIC32-PINGUINO" und "PIC32-PINGUINO-MX220".
Nun stelle ich fest, dass man zu Pinguino kaum etwas Aktuelles findet.
Ist Pinguino vielleicht ein Auslaufmodell ?
Wo finde ich eine "Pingino IDE" ?
Kann mir dazu einer weiterhelfen ?

Maybe it's better in English?
Hello !
I have "PIC32-PINGUINO" and "PIC32-PINGUINO-MX220" boards.
Now I realize that you can hardly find anything up to date on Pinguino.
Is Pinguino perhaps a discontinued model?
Where can I find a "Pingino IDE"?
Can someone help me with this?

Google defekt? Hier

Gruß Tommy


Thank you for your reference to Pinguino-Webseite.
That was the first thing I checked, of course.
But there is nothing.
At Pinguino-IDE for-windows you can only find:
Sory, we are working on a new version of Windows installer. Stay tunned!
At you can only find: There are no matching discussions.
At pinguino-boardsyou can only find: It says: There are no matching discussions.

At Olimex-Webseite you get to SOFTWARE, Pinguino IDE related:, Pinguino IDE official web-site and after "Download" I'm back to the end as above.

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