It is possible ? ( input output gestion )

Hi , i'm new with arduino and i would like to know if it's possible to use an arduino ( wich one ? ) for control drycontact like a simple switch on/off .

Explenations :

  • When i press S1 i want to closed S2
  • If i press S1 3 seconds or more i want to switch and control S3 . press S1 can now closed S3
  • If i press again S1 for 3 seconds i control S4 . press S1 can now closed S4
  • If i press S1 3 seconds i control S2 ...
  • ....
    Thx in advance

Any Arduino will do that job.

What are you planning to switch with S2/S3/S4?

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I recommend an ESP32.

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An input alarm from IP Camera

so to get to control s2 you just need to press s1 3 times or press and hold for 3 sec and then press again to quit, until u get to s2?

Yeah , press and hold 3 sec is for swtich between S2,S3,S4 in this order

anyways both scenarios possible with any arduino

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