It is possible to display hc 05 rssi value??

i already connected 2 devices using hc i already use at-command to configure it into master and slave mode... My idea was to make the master device vibrate if the slave device move away for a certain distance...anddddd now, im stuck..someone said we can use rssi to get the value in HEX.. I tried using the AT+inq but its said "error(1F)".BTW sorry, im not so good in english

Won't work. HC05 is "buggy", to put it in nice words. Inquiry does not work reliable - if it works at all.

The RSSI value is almost always useless for determining distance, because other factors (absorption, interference, antenna orientation) affect RSSI more strongly.

I submit the best you can expect with the HC-05 is to check whether the slave is simply in or out of range, i.e. monitor the status LED, perhaps. There is nothing buggy about the HC-05 but it is a plain vanilla BT2 device, just good for SPP data transmission. IF you really want to pursue RSSI, after reading reply #2, twice, you would be a bit better off using a BT4 device like the HM-10 rather than a BT2 device.

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