It´s posible to control DIGISPARK from c# program?

I want to make a software to control an RGBW led, it just need 1 pin.

How can I send commands to DIGISPARK (ATTINY85) from my c# aplication.

Currently I´m using arduino nano and serial commands.


Short answer YES... did you try google first? Instructables If you don't like that one there are plenty of more examples.

But I need to use it standalone, in other case I just use an regular arduino nano.

Draw us a picture of your circuit and exactly what you're trying to do... If you mean you want to output serial to an LED without the computer? Yes you can Google Attiny85 serial and you will get many examples.

Something like this. I can´t find anything like this on google.

I just need to send comands to the Digispark, like serial comunication do.

No there’s no way to do that directly since the Attiny does not have hardware serial pins. You are going to need something in between.

This is possible! I did a project like this. Look for a software serial implemention for attiny85. Then use a usb to serial adapter. This will do the job. On your PC you will see a COM Port you can use to send data to your Digispark.
An other way without a software serial is to use VUSB. There are examples for controlling a led this way.

Load the digiCDC library which impliments USB software emulation. Then replace "Serial" with "SerialUSB" from that library in your Arduino application software. With this, the digiSpark should look the same as the nano from the C#/PC side.