It says it uploaded??  avrdude: ser_open(): ......

For the past two days i have been trying to upload a sketch to my new Arduino BT ATMega 328 V06 board Using Windows 7, Arduino 0021, and a Bluetooth Dongle

Needless to say it is not working. However when i purchased the Arduino BT i bought two of them at the same time and the other one works perfect.

Anyway back to the issue i have gone through all the discussions i could find about uploading to the BT, and followed all the suggestions short of burning a new bootloader. see

Finally i come up with a new error: avrdude: ser_open(): can't set com-state for "\.\COM5"

In an effort to drive me mad it says "Done uploading". Unfortunately i can't check until later this week as a buddy of mine has the other part of the program in Director.

The port is correct and the board selected under tools is also correct also the code is good as I have used it on the other BT board and it works fine.

After all that i guess my question is: What exactly does the error mean? If all I do is switch to the good board everything uploads fine on COM 5. Any suggestions before i send the board back?

Thanks for your time,

With the board you can't upload to unplugged, is COM5 listed as an available COM port? If so, then the board you can't program is not using COM5. If they've ever both been plugged in at the same time, it almost certainly is not.

I can say for sure they have never both been plugged in at the same time.

As for the first question when i unplug the power from the board it still shows in my device manager, both the dongle and the Arduino BT as COM5 until i remove the device. It is likely I am doing something wrong but it works for the other board everytime.