it seems the minimum length search term in the forums is > 4 char's....

What can I combine with "http" to make it search? Adding * didn't help.

Did you try Advanced search? Click Search with no fields, then Advanced Search in the next screen.

If I may suggest, use Google with the site restriction.



I got fair results with the external search. I don't see the advanced search feature, but that's okay. I think I found the few posts with relevant information.

I really need to dig into HTTP itself and see how much of it the Ethernet Shield can do.

Thanks for the replies.

Click Search with nothing entered, then Advanced Search in the next screen that opens.

I see what you mean now. I had been searching by clicking "search" in the gray bar at the top between my logged in user name and the "My Messages" button. You are talking about clicking the big search button below the gray bar. I thought that search took you away from the forums (like a Google search) so I wasn't using it.

It turns out the way I was doing it takes you to the advanced search right away, but it still won't search on short search terms. I've seen web forums where they won't search on 3 characters, but this forum won't search on 4 characters.

That may very well be then.