As far as ITALY is concerned,it got most hits in the electronics inventors list the latest addition being AUDRINO!! most of the semiconductor manufacturers in my neibhourhood got ITALIAN made machines to manufacture n embed circuits on PCBs yet when i see the economy , we read ITALIAN economy is in doldrums. just makes me wonder why a nation of inventors and scientists is failing so badly!!! :slight_smile: :astonished: :disappointed_relieved:???

What is an audrino?

ARDUINO by the way, not AUDRINO!

You are right, while many Italian people realize they have a creative set of engineers, the politicians and the mass media care more about money and loose women than the good of their country.

There is a lack of public pride here I find amazing, and a lack of shame too, higher up.

Still the Arduino is a success for Italy, whether they realize it or not!