ITDB02-4.3 display with touch

i’m a newbie, and i would like play with the touch lcd display ITDBO2 4.3 , i installed it on mega 2560 and shiel adaptator.
It’s work.

I have loaded the sample with button from the Utouch librarie UTouch_ButtonTest.ino, and when i touch button on screen I have a bad respond, if i touch the The five it give me clear.

I think that it a bad calibration, but i have tried to calibrate with the sample in Utft librarie and it is the same result.
someone have an idea or a way to help me.

UTouch_ButtonTest.ino (5.95 KB)

After running the calibration sketch, did you copy the numbers displayed into the file as required? You need to do this manually.

thank to reply No, How i do it? thank

sorry i have read it better , i try it thank

it 's work. Best regards For the too speed man like me, take the time to read the screen at the calibration, you will see that you must change data in UTOUCHCD.h

Three constants , get the new from calibration screen after calibration , set it in this file , and it will work.


Glad you got it working.