Itead BlueTooth Master on Uno plus Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet

I read over this post, but it was not exactly about my issue:,97971.0.html

I would like to know if anyone is using the ITEAD BT Shield V2.2 in Master mode. I'm trying to pair that device with my tablet.

With the BT shield on the Uno, and the jumpers set properly, I can talk to the BT shield via 'AT' commands at 38400 baud. Using the 'AT+INQ' command, it does show my tablet's BT address, but I cannot get the two to pair via 'AT+PAIR' or 'AT+LINK'. If I use 'AT+STATE?', it shows 'INQUIRING', but never gets beyond that state.

Anyone trying to use the BT shield in Master mode? I would appreciate any help. Thanks!!

FYI, this morning I was able to get the tablet paired with the BT shield, by placing the BT shield back into SLAVE mode, using the 'AT+ORGL' command.

I have not tried any communication between the two yet.

Hi I just got the BT shield but I haven't been able to make it work. I was wondering if you could help me out since you've managed to make yours work! I haven't been able to communicate with it through the command mode (e.g. by sending AT commands). Is there a specific sketch I need to use in order to try the AT commands? I've tried sending AT commands through all of the baudrates by using the arduino environment's serial monitor but I've had no luck so far.

Ok I got it to work with the AT! I uploaded the bare minimum sketch!

Thanks anyways!

Do you have any suggestions for a simple Bluetooth sketch?