Itead HC-06 Module, how to connect to Arduino

Yes, as you can see from the title, I'm a noob. :grin:

I just bought an Arduino Starter Kit (Arduino Uno) and an HC-06 Bluetooth module, but can't figure out how to connect them together

Following is the link of the module

Thanks in advance!

Have you checked their documentation?

Note that this is 3,3V device. Plugging it into a 5V Arduino UNO can damage it.

Should I return it to the store? :frowning:

Should I return it to the store? :frowning:

Is it faulty?

Hopefully not, but since I can't connect it to the Arduino I'm assuming i should return it to the store and get another one. The 4 pins can't fit on the breadboard as some youtuber did, and i don't have a grove 4 pin cable. Any suggestions on how to connect it?

Anyone else using Itead HC06?


Cool, thought I had to buy a different one. Thanks man!

Do you have a picture for the wiring?

Thanks again!


Do you know why in the overview description, it says to connect to 5V+ ? Do connect the Arduino TX to Bluetooth RX i need to apply resistor to drop the voltage, right ?