Itead options and arduino shield developement.

I,ve already used Itead for a standalone arduino based board and pretty pleased with the results (although I am working on a mk2 version :)). I am also working on on a shield pcb, but wondered what size category I should be choosing when ordering. If I,ve done my research correctly, the ‘standard’ prototype shield is 53mm x 69mm (I,m guessing the final size as I don’t have my notes with me),
but to get the best bang-for-buck ordering choice, I’d to order the 5cm x 10cm size, even though my design is slightly larger. Or to put it another way, if I order using the 10cm x 10cm choice, will they get as many boards to me as possible, or just the 10 and I loose a lot of potentially wasted pcb area?
Hope that makes sense :roll_eyes:
Anyone had a similair issue, or can report on there findings please?


You are correct in that getting a full size Arduino shield with these services is not possible, but you can get pretty close; see

Seeed uses the same service as Itead so you should expect the same results with either vendor.