Iteadstudio has lowered prices on smaller boards

Just saw this while looking for holiday shutdown schedule (which is not posted, but was 12/29 thru 1/3 last year):

Special Offer for 2 Layer Green PCBs November 28, 2013 By Katherine

Due to optimization on production process and reduction on material costs, 2Layer Green PCBs will be offered at special prices from now on.

2Layer Green PCB 5cm x 10cm Max will be sold at $14.9 and 2Layer Green PCB 10cm x 10cm Max will be sold at $19.9. Unless noted otherwise, the prices will remain unchanged in the future.

Amazing how cheap PCBs are getting.

Can iTead so non-rectangular shapes?


Graynomad: Can iTead so non-rectangular shapes?

Yep. Just don't make any perforations or otherwise request cuts that would suggest two separate projects; they don't want you cheating their already quite low prices.

OK thanks. I used them a while back (for square PCBs) and wasn't overly happy with the screen printing (most of my text is 50mil high) but the copper seemed OK (6mil IIRC). For prototypes though you can't beat the prices of people like them .