Iteaduino 2.2,10 vibrating small motors

Hello, I am in need of some knowledge, and yes I am new to this hobby. What I am looking to do is kind of make a rumble pad massager for your body. Parts I have on hand are posted below with info… If anyone has any ideas how u would setup something like this up, I would be grateful.

  1. Iteaduino 2.2 board -(I/O Connectors: Extra connectors with power pins Brand: ITEAD Studio
    I/O Pins: 14 digital, 5 analog, I2C, serial Model: Iteaduino v2.2
    Low Power: Up to 50% less than original Arduino boards MPN: IM120411008
    Memory: 32K FLASH, 2K SRAM, 1K EEPROM Processor: ATMega328P
    Compatibility: Arduino Uno, Duemilanove Operating voltage: Selectable 3.3V or 5V)

  2. ARTduino Proto Prototype Shield + Screw Shield Kit For Arduino UNO Duemilanove

  3. 2-Blue 5V 4-Channel Relay Module Low Strigger For Arduino PIC ARM DSP AVR MSP430

  4. 10 vibrating motor (Operates voltage:2.5 – 4.0 VDC Rated voltage :3.0 VDC)(Rated rotor speed: 12000±2500RPM Min)
    (Rated current:70mA Max Starting current:90mA Max)(Insulation resistance:10M? Min)