Iteaduino Nano And Iteaduino Tiny Preview

With emergence of Arduino open source development platform, either hardware or software development has become easier than ever. With use of a variety of Arduino development board and platform plus different kinds of sensors with electronic bricks and electronic modules, we can turn our ideas and creativity into real works. To meet needs of different applications, we provide several versions of Iteaduino, such as Iteaduino UNO, Iteaduino MEGA and Iteaduino DUE. Of course, it is not a simple imitation of Arduino. As an enhanced derivative board of Arduino, it has been done with many modification designs, such as using DCDC circuit to replace the original LDO power circuit with high power consumption and adding 3.3V level switch so that the motherboard can work at 3.3V, etc.

In many of our applications, we do not need chips with such powerful computing capability as Arduino DUE, or even Arduino MEGA, an ATMega328 chip is enough to meet the needs of our applications, so either Arduino UNO or Iteaduino UNO should be a nice choice. However, because of the size and price of UNO board, its practicality is greatly reduced, so we designed a derivative board of Iteaduino Nano to solve the size and price problems of UNO.

First, Iteaduino Nano utilizes ATMega328 chip, whose resources and computing power are the same with UNO board, but its size is much smaller and it is compatible with shape and pin location of Arduino Nano. To further reduce price of the finished product so that the product price can be accepted by more users, we used CP2102 chip instead of FT233RL chip. After driver offered by us is correctly installed in the operating system, CP2102 can also be correctly recognized as a serial port (COM). Then you can select "Arduino Dulanove or Nano w / ATmega328" downloading program in Arduino IDE, which is 100% compatible with Arduino Nano and our Arduino Nano IO Shield. At present, Iteaduino Nano only costs 9.9USD, and we think the price should be able to make it more cost-effective, so that more people are willing to buy a motherboard to realize their ideas and creativity.

Sometimes, our design is quite simple, maybe it is just a switch control, which may cost less than half of resources and computing power of ATMega328, then we will feel it is a kind of waste even when using cheap Iteaduino Nano. Therefore, we introduce Iteaduino Tiny, which is not a derivative board of Arduino, but a derivative board based on digispark. Iteaduino Tiny is a micro development board with use of Attiny85 master, whose size is smaller than Arduino Nano, suitable for simple applications with more stringent requirements of size. By using the modified Arduino IDE provided by Digispart, we can program and download programs in IDE like Arduino board. For specific driver installation and operation, please refer to Iteaduino Tiny datasheet. The amazing promotional price of this board is 6USD only, with such a low price, you should not struggle whether to buy an expensive mainboard to achieve your plan or not when you encounter a simple application requirement next time.

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