Items to Disable to Crreate More Memory

I have 1.1.9 installed on an Anet A8 v1.7 board, and I have a full graphics display 12468 and am using about 98% of board memory. Some when going through some of the menus it is kind of sluggish. Can you suggest some things that I can disable in Config files to gain some memory. I have already disabled M503, someone told me to disable Arc_Support in Config_h file, but it was already disabled when downloaded Arduino.
Also the display has a tiny speaker, so I have speaker defined in Config file, but don't know what the speaker is there for, but was wondering if somehow I could make the speaker sound when printing is done, and if so, how do I do it? I use Cura as a slicer.

What is 1.1.9 ?
What is Anet A8 v1.7 ?
What is graphics display 12468 ?

Which memory is running out? Program (flash) or RAM?

Which Arduino are you using?